Are you Turning a Blind Eye to Contact Lenses Hygiene? Price Contact Lenses Launches Discount Contact Lens Hygiene Guide

Even if you’ve been wearing contact lenses all of your adult life, you’re sure to have fallen into a few bad habits. And unlike driver’s ed, there’s no refresher classes for making sure you’re treating your lenses with the respect they deserve.
To ensure that you safeguard your eye health and continue to enjoy wearing discount contact lenses, Price Contact Lenses have compiled a checklist of basic procedures and good habits…

1. Always Wash Your Hands Before Handling Your Contact Lenses
Wherever and however you buy contact lenses, you are ultimately the one responsible for keeping bacteria and infection at bay. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get into the habit of only handling your lenses with clean, dry hands. The Minnesota Department of Health estimates that there are around 1500 bacteria on each square centimeter of your skin – washing hands before handling your contact lenses helps to eliminate some of these germs.

2. Remove Lenses Before You Go To Sleep
Many of us are guilty of falling asleep with our contact lenses in. It’s important to recognize when you buy discount contact lenses, that they are only a solution for part of the day and should not be left in overnight. Daily and monthly disposables can generally be worn throughout the day but making a habit of leaving them in when you take a nap can starve the eye of oxygen. If you’re wearing your contact lenses for extended periods of time, there is also a danger of dust and irritants becoming trapped between the surface of the eye and the lens – if you don’t remove your contacts, this debris has no means of escape and can lead to infection and irritation.

3. Don’t shower or swim in contacts
One of the most favorable aspects of buying contact lenses online and wearing lenses in general is the convenience factor. However, this can only be taken so far and it’s important to get out of the habit of wearing lenses while showering or swimming (unless you wear swim goggles). While it is safe to drink, tap water does contain bacteria which can be harmful to the eye.

4. Makeup and Contact Lenses Don’t Mix
Even well known contact lenses brands such as Acuvue Oasys are no match for modern makeup. If you wear makeup, putting your lenses in before you apply foundation, mascara and other cosmetics will help to keep your eyes in good health. You should also remove the lenses before removing your makeup at the end of the day to avoid problems arising from the lens coming into contact with products such as cleanser and toner.

Using waterproof mascara and eye liner is also recommended as these tend to smudge and flake less, making it less likely stray particles will come into contact with the surface of the lenses or get trapped between the lens and the eye.

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