You Can Change Eye Color

Whenever you meet someone, the first you notice is the , size and movements of their eyes. Thus, it is obvious why everyone wants to have beautiful eyes.

Today, there are methods that make possible to change the color of the eye; there are also methods that allow permanent eye color change. Other methods include surgery or the use of .

These special contact lenses allow you to change the color of your eyes anytime, anywhere. It is perfectly possible to have one eye color in the morning and a different one late in the evening at some party. In most cases, these colored contact lenses are tinted and opaque. Tinted lenses are mainly for people with light eye color and want to stress them out, while opaque lenses are recommended for people who want a full eye color change.

The color of the eye can be changed through surgery as well, making it possible to change the natural color of your eyes to green or blue. This particular eye surgery is not a complicated one and takes about 20 minutes for the two eyes. After the anesthesia of the eye, the surgeon inserts an ocular implant to change the color of the eye for good.

An intraocular implant can also be used for an improved ocular look with traumatic irides, heterochromia, partial coloboma, ocular albinism and to change eye color without the limits and restrictions of the contact lenses.

Today, when we are talking about cosmetic surgery, we under the impression that we live in a world where we can choose to have any wanted appearance. Well, even if we cannot do that today, we will definitely going to do it in the near future.

The cosmetic surgery of the future involves a similar to LASIK, where the pigment in the iris is burn away to turn brown eyes first to hazel, than to blue and in the end to violet. It has one major disadvantage: it is only possible to change dark eye color to a lighter one and the destroyed pigment cannot be recovered.

Let’s face it; these cosmetic changes do involve certain risks. Yes, it is possible for the iris color to be changed with the use of pigmented lenses, but we don’t know anything yet about its possible long term side effects. Taking in consideration chronic inflammation and cataract development, it is preferable to use color contact lenses instead of these potentially hazardous procedures.

The color of your change can be changed is a much safer and healthier way, with the help of your brain. Using conscious breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, you can get rid of up to 70% of toxins from your body. Get as much sunlight and fresh air as you can, eat many vegetables, drink purified water, let your skin breathe by wearing fewer clothes, bounce on a trampoline (you can even imitate the movement if you gently bounce on the ground) and you will soon see changes in the color of your eyes.

These methods have been successfully tested by people who wanted to change the color of their eyes for one reason or for the other. Please feel free to try out any of the methods that you might consider suitable for you.

Reading Glasses for People with Low Income

Reading glasses are of great help when you are struggling to read such small printed materials as magazines and books. Your vision can be significantly improved with the purchase of some cheap . are available in various different styles, including half-rimless, folding, designer or even sunglasses.

There are people who simply refuse to wear glasses as in their view that will interfere with how they look. They do not want to understand that the difficulty in reading is something normal, which comes with old age.

Reading glasses can be bought through several ways such as your optician , through the internet or cheap reading glasses made in China.

With the current advancement in terms of computer technology and online environment, it is quite common for people to buy reading glasses from online stores. It is a simple and easy process for low income people to buy reading glasses from an online store if they know their prescription.

Here are the main guidelines for buying reading glasses through the internet:

  1. Look around in the online store to find the lenses and frame that you really like. This is an important step and pay attention to it, as you are going to wear these for a long time. Also check for your products to be delivered to your home. Your reading glasses should be delivered in one to two weeks.
  2. It is extremely important to carefully check the reliability of the dealer along with the merchandise. It is recommended to choose a store with high Customer Rating for your reading glasses.
  3. There is no reason to be concerned over the quality and price of the reading glasses, as they are considerably cheaper compared to the conventional market, as the lenses and frames in the online store is straight from the manufacturer, which explains their excellent prices. It is best to go with thing, light and multicoated lenses which are of top quality.

Read on below for three important tips on how to purchase reading glasses online:

  1. Know Your Prescription – Have it prepared when you start looking for your reading glasses online. Keep in mind that your contact prescription is different from your reading glasses prescription. Ask your optometrist for your prescription or just ask them to email or fax it to you. The prescription contains various parts and numbers which you will need to input at the online store.
  2. Know Your Pupillary Distance, which simply refers to the distance between eyes. This measurement should be made by your optometrist or you can also roughly measure it. This is measurement is important for your lenses to be adequately aligned to your eyes.
  3. Know Your Frame – Choose a frame that best fits your eyes and the shape of your eyes. Before looking for a frame, you need to know the bridge size, width and temple length of the lens. Next, you can look for a frame that will fit the glasses. The measurement doesn’t need to be highly accurate, is more than enough.

Prefabricated reading glasses are also available online. These are basically universal type of reading glasses and are a lot cheaper than the customized one. However, keep in mind that these are not made according to your prescription and might cause problems, including head aches, eye strain and in some cases nausea.

It is highly recommended to visit your optometrist for an accurate prescription for reading glasses and choose customized reading glasses. On the other hand, low income people might find highly convenient and cheap to buy ready made reading glasses online.

How to Find the Most Suitable Eyeglasses Frame

Based on the type of frame of your choice, the form and color of the lens, eyeglasses can make a significant change in your look. It is extremely important to choose the most suitable eyeglass frame. The type of eyeglasses frame of your choice might be influenced by several factors, including your current hair style.

Eyeglasses frames can be classified in four main types, which are: classic plastic, metallic, half rimless and full rimless.

The eyeglasses frame should be chosen according to your individual lifestyle and the way the glasses will be used the most. Thus, for mainly business needs, you should go with the classic eyeglasses frame, while for sports, flexible wire rims would be the recommended option.

Next, you need to take in consideration the shape of your face, rectangular, round or oval. Eyeglasses frame can be used to emphasize or hide the squareness of a rectangular face, or the roundness of a round face. Thus, people with round face should stay away from round frames and go with rectangular glasses. Similarly, people with rectangular faces should avoid wearing rectangular frames and should choose round or oval eyeglasses. People with oval faces can go with type of glasses, while high glasses are not recommended for people with short faces or narrow glasses for those who have long faces.

The expert’s recommendation is to ask your family and friends just as you do when you are looking for a reliable doctor. Keep in mind that general rule that it is not recommended to have wider frame than your head, having the middle of the lens under the level of the eye. Additionally, customers can get valuable help from an optician with adequate experience. Thus, they can recommend frames to hide a long nose or make an oval face slightly thinner.

Also small frames are recommended in the case of strong prescription. Most people will spend a great amount of time trying to find the best possible eyeglasses. In fact, they have absolutely right about it. With the perfect eyeglasses you can easily highlight your best features and hide those that do not advantage you at all. If by chance you end up with unsuitable eyeglasses you will not going to feel good about yourself. So, when you are shopping for a pair of eyeglasses, take your time and don’t act hastily as you will probably regret it. Take the time, look around and go with the eyeglass frames that you really like. It is also a good idea to take a friend or relative with you. That person can help you decide which frame is the most suitable for the shape of your face.

However, keep in mind that you are not wearing eyeglasses for pleasure, but to have a better vision. Make sure the glasses do their job, meaning your vision is truly improved besides your new look.

Change Your Natural Eye Colour with Contact Lenses

Contact are the perfect alternative for people who for some reason do not want to wear glasses and be used in the case of such vision disorders as astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia. Contact , which are curved plastic , are put directly on the of the eye. All types of contact lenses are now available on the market including disposable, hard, soft or color based. Contact lenses are the number one option for extremely active individuals and sportsmen, because of their convenience compared to eyeglasses. The use of contact lenses must go together with maximum care and hygiene and need to be stored in special solution when not in use to prevent any kind of eye infection. The purchase of contact lenses cannot be made without a prior consultation. Additionally, you also need to go for an eye and contact lenses check up each year.

Colored based contact lenses actually have quite a long history. Hard contact lenses were popular in the World War II, while currently the soft ones are the most common choice. Contact lenses, which are now available in various different colors, can also improve various eye problems.

In the case of colored contact lenses, which actually modify the natural color of your eye, the lenses make use of several different colored dots, which basically copies the pattern of the .

The color changing effect of the color contacts is achieved with the use of three types of technologies: opaque color tints, enhancement tints and visibility tints.

Opaque tints are being used in the case of opaque colored contact lenses to perfectly cover your iris. The opaque tints prevent light from passing through making your natural eye color completely invisible. These lenses fully change the color of your eyes, while providing completely natural look. With these lenses you can have any eye color, as there are no limits.

The enhancement tint does not completely change the color of your eyes, as it only highlights or improves it. It is mainly used by people with light colored eyes. The natural color of the eye is enhanced, making it a lot more visible and striking. With the use of these contact lenses you can easily achieve a slight but efficient change in the color of your eyes.

Generally, visibility tints are light green or blue cast that is introduced into the contact lenses. These will not change the color of your eyes, but makes the lenses more visible for the user. Thus, it is a lot easier to put them on and greatly reduces the chances of losing them. As they are slightly tinted, they are more visible on most surfaces and also in the case. Clear contact lenses are hard to find once you dropped them by accident. In such cases a slightly colored is much easier to be found.

Well, this is your chance to have a perfect eye makeover with colored based contact lenses! You can easily change your look by simply choosing another color for your eyes along with a charming mind-set.