Where to Find the Best Laser Eye Surgery Doctor?

Eye is a very important part of our being. So if you are faced with any problem concerning the eye you are ready to treat it with the least amount of pain. Numerous people are comfortable wearing glasses and contacts but those are not the solution to everyone. Some people cannot make do with glasses or contacts. Hence they prefer which relieves them from wearing glasses or contacts permanently. These new method of correction or Lasik has been gathering praises among all processes known and many takers all over the world as it provides a permanent solution to any defects in the eye.

LASIK surgery which stands for laser-assisted situ keratomileusis is the most popular form of eye surgery using laser. In this process the shape of the lens is changed so as to correctly focus the light at the back of the eye without using any external accessories like eye glasses or contacts. Their various types of these surgery like wavefront, bladeless, PRK, Lasik. The surgery has lots of pre-operative methods to follow like non-usage of contacts atleast a month prior to the surgery, topographing the corneal structure. All these methods lead to the final laser eye correction which is done with the patient in full sense. Following the laser surgery patients need to follow a disciplined post-operative care.

If you are interested in getting a laser eye operation you have various sources to get help from in choosing a doctor who might perform the surgery. But firstly you must visit your own ophthalmologist to know whether the eye surgery would be beneficial for you.  Thereafter you may search the internet or enquire about corneal specialists for laser surgery. They are the most trained people in this field. Before consulting the doctor you should enquire about his experience in the field and his reputation. A doctor who is new to these methods of Lasik surgery is risky compared to someone who has huge experience in the same field.

You can enquire from people, who have done such eye surgery, regarding the best doctors capable of these operations. The best is the one who will be ready to undertake any risks that may arise in course of the laser surgery and always be with you through the pre-operative process, the operation and the post-operative process. Do not choose clinics or doctors who give huge discounts as it is likely to lower the quality of service and maximize the risk involved in laser eye correction. Go for a reputed doctor and do not care for the price because, though Lasik may cost a fortune yet it will guarantee a safety to your eye.

You can enquire in hospitals too and enquire about the doctors who perform eye surgery. Do sufficient researches before you choose a doctor for your laser eye correction. Eye is a very important organ of your body and be sure that the surgeon doing Lasik to your eye is registered and competent to perform it properly. Use advice from your own eye doctor to select the best surgeon for performing the laser surgery.  Do not go for the most publicized doctor but instead choose the one most reputed.

Top 10 Laser Eye Surgery Fictions

Today, is more and more popular, but along with its popularity the number of misconceptions related to this type of surgery is also increasing. We can all agree that the surgery is not the simplest one, but there are people with various erroneous believes as they do not bother to check the actual facts. There are several types of surgeries, but Lasik is the most common one, as it has the shortest recovery time. The surgery doesn’t take long time and it is much accurate as compared to a conventional surgery with scalpel. Read on below for the 10 most common myths about .

  1. The use of anaesthetizing injection for the eye. Many people are absolutely convinced that requires the eye to be anaesthetized with an injection. Nothing can be further from the truth as are the only things that are used, which lead only to a shorter and easygoing .
  2. The eye surface can be burned. This one of the most widespread misconceptions about laser eye surgery. Several people believe that it is highly possible during the surgery for the surface of the eye to get burnt. In fact, that is virtually impossible as in this case, we are dealing with cold eye surgery and the surface of the eye cannot be damaged.
  3. Pain is also commonly associated with laser eye surgery, although this surgical procedure is nearly painless at all. A for both eyes normally takes about 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. Long term post-operation effects. In the case of Lasik eye correction there is about one month of precautions for your eyes. In the first days following the surgery, you should avoid foggy places and should not drive or swim for roughly a month. After that, you can resume all your regular daily activities.
  5. Age eligibility. Laser eye correction has no such conditions for Lasik surgery. On the other hand, older people might have higher chances of cataract occurrence in eyes and the operation cannot be performed if the patient has cataract eyes, as the vision can be affected after the eye surgery.
  6. One time laser eye surgery. In most cases, there is absolutely no need for more than one laser surgery for the eyes. However, 5% of the patients require a “top up” after the initial surgery, but without any negative side effects.
  7. Improvement for lazy eye. This is also just a popular myth, as it is impossible for the lazy eye to be corrected through laser eye surgery.
  8. Thick glasses and laser eye surgery. Many people are absolutely convinced that individuals with thick glasses cannot have laser eye surgery. Naturally, this just another common myth.
  9. Go with the best possible surgeon. It is extremely important for you to go with the best possible surgeon for your laser eye correction. Ideally, you should choose am experienced surgeon who had already performed about 1000 laser surgeries.
  10. The cost of laser eye surgery. Today, the cost of such laser eye surgery is more than reasonable and it widely depends on the clinic and surgeon of your choice.

Can We Wear Sunglasses after LASIK

If you have recently undergone or some other type of , there are several safety measures that you need to take. These are necessary to ensure the best possible improvement and future development of the eyes. Such eye are mainly performed to solve various visionary problems and also to reduce or permanently get rid of the need to wear glasses. Most surgeons recommend you to stay away from questionable quality sunglasses after your eye surgery. Even more, your doctor would most probably advise you against wearing any sunglasses soon after the surgery, as it might interfere with your vision.

As you decide that you want to have , keep in mind that there are things to follow a certain period of time after the surgery. Your doctor will advise on the things to follow once the operation is completed. The doctor will recommend you what you should do and what you shouldn’t to prevent any future problems and side effects. The doctor’s recommendation would include regular checkup, temporary interdiction to driving cars and not to wear low quality sunglasses. It is very important for you to rigorously follow these instructions.

Nevertheless, shortly after your correction you would be recommended to wear sunglasses, preferably dark ones, for around one year. The sunglasses would need to include UV protection to adequately protect your eye from the damaging UV rays of the sun. If you fail to provide proper protection to your eyes from direct sunlight, your eyes might get infected. Scars can also occur on the eyes if exposed to direct sun rays. It is extremely important to pay extra attention to the instructions to be followed pre- and post-operation.

It is essential for the sunglasses you wear after your lasik eye correction to be of excellent quality. As you know, the market is filled with cheap and low quality sunglasses. You should stay away from these low quality sunglasses as they will not be of any good to you. Those sunglasses will not offer proper protection from the rays of the sun and they might even have a negative influence ion your eyes. Thus, pay attention to the quality of the chosen sunglasses.

As soon as you have fully aware what are the things you have to pay attention following your laser eye surgery, it is imperative for you to rigorously follow the received instruction for the maximum well being of your eyes. You will probably not be required to wear glasses after the surgery, but you will need to wear good quality sunglasses at all times when you are out in the sun. For maximum safety, it would be best for you to wear prescription sunglasses. Thus, the doctor could better evaluate the actual condition of your eyes and prescribe you the best available sunglasses.