How to Find the Most Suitable Eyeglasses Frame

Based on the type of frame of your choice, the form and color of the lens, eyeglasses can make a significant change in your look. It is extremely important to choose the most suitable eyeglass frame. The type of eyeglasses frame of your choice might be influenced by several factors, including your current hair style.

Eyeglasses frames can be classified in four main types, which are: classic plastic, metallic, half rimless and full rimless.

The eyeglasses frame should be chosen according to your individual lifestyle and the way the glasses will be used the most. Thus, for mainly business needs, you should go with the classic eyeglasses frame, while for sports, flexible wire rims would be the recommended option.

Next, you need to take in consideration the shape of your face, rectangular, round or oval. Eyeglasses frame can be used to emphasize or hide the squareness of a rectangular face, or the roundness of a round face. Thus, people with round face should stay away from round frames and go with rectangular glasses. Similarly, people with rectangular faces should avoid wearing rectangular frames and should choose round or oval eyeglasses. People with oval faces can go with type of glasses, while high glasses are not recommended for people with short faces or narrow glasses for those who have long faces.

The expert’s recommendation is to ask your family and friends just as you do when you are looking for a reliable doctor. Keep in mind that general rule that it is not recommended to have wider frame than your head, having the middle of the lens under the level of the eye. Additionally, customers can get valuable help from an optician with adequate experience. Thus, they can recommend frames to hide a long nose or make an oval face slightly thinner.

Also small frames are recommended in the case of strong prescription. Most people will spend a great amount of time trying to find the best possible eyeglasses. In fact, they have absolutely right about it. With the perfect eyeglasses you can easily highlight your best features and hide those that do not advantage you at all. If by chance you end up with unsuitable eyeglasses you will not going to feel good about yourself. So, when you are shopping for a pair of eyeglasses, take your time and don’t act hastily as you will probably regret it. Take the time, look around and go with the eyeglass frames that you really like. It is also a good idea to take a friend or relative with you. That person can help you decide which frame is the most suitable for the shape of your face.

However, keep in mind that you are not wearing eyeglasses for pleasure, but to have a better vision. Make sure the glasses do their job, meaning your vision is truly improved besides your new look.

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