Top 10 Laser Eye Surgery Fictions

Today, is more and more popular, but along with its popularity the number of misconceptions related to this type of surgery is also increasing. We can all agree that the surgery is not the simplest one, but there are people with various erroneous believes as they do not bother to check the actual facts. There are several types of surgeries, but Lasik is the most common one, as it has the shortest recovery time. The surgery doesn’t take long time and it is much accurate as compared to a conventional surgery with scalpel. Read on below for the 10 most common myths about .

  1. The use of anaesthetizing injection for the eye. Many people are absolutely convinced that requires the eye to be anaesthetized with an injection. Nothing can be further from the truth as are the only things that are used, which lead only to a shorter and easygoing .
  2. The eye surface can be burned. This one of the most widespread misconceptions about laser eye surgery. Several people believe that it is highly possible during the surgery for the surface of the eye to get burnt. In fact, that is virtually impossible as in this case, we are dealing with cold eye surgery and the surface of the eye cannot be damaged.
  3. Pain is also commonly associated with laser eye surgery, although this surgical procedure is nearly painless at all. A for both eyes normally takes about 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. Long term post-operation effects. In the case of Lasik eye correction there is about one month of precautions for your eyes. In the first days following the surgery, you should avoid foggy places and should not drive or swim for roughly a month. After that, you can resume all your regular daily activities.
  5. Age eligibility. Laser eye correction has no such conditions for Lasik surgery. On the other hand, older people might have higher chances of cataract occurrence in eyes and the operation cannot be performed if the patient has cataract eyes, as the vision can be affected after the eye surgery.
  6. One time laser eye surgery. In most cases, there is absolutely no need for more than one laser surgery for the eyes. However, 5% of the patients require a “top up” after the initial surgery, but without any negative side effects.
  7. Improvement for lazy eye. This is also just a popular myth, as it is impossible for the lazy eye to be corrected through laser eye surgery.
  8. Thick glasses and laser eye surgery. Many people are absolutely convinced that individuals with thick glasses cannot have laser eye surgery. Naturally, this just another common myth.
  9. Go with the best possible surgeon. It is extremely important for you to go with the best possible surgeon for your laser eye correction. Ideally, you should choose am experienced surgeon who had already performed about 1000 laser surgeries.
  10. The cost of laser eye surgery. Today, the cost of such laser eye surgery is more than reasonable and it widely depends on the clinic and surgeon of your choice.

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