You Can Change Eye Color

Whenever you meet someone, the first you notice is the , size and movements of their eyes. Thus, it is obvious why everyone wants to have beautiful eyes.

Today, there are methods that make possible to change the color of the eye; there are also methods that allow permanent eye color change. Other methods include surgery or the use of .

These special contact lenses allow you to change the color of your eyes anytime, anywhere. It is perfectly possible to have one eye color in the morning and a different one late in the evening at some party. In most cases, these colored contact lenses are tinted and opaque. Tinted lenses are mainly for people with light eye color and want to stress them out, while opaque lenses are recommended for people who want a full eye color change.

The color of the eye can be changed through surgery as well, making it possible to change the natural color of your eyes to green or blue. This particular eye surgery is not a complicated one and takes about 20 minutes for the two eyes. After the anesthesia of the eye, the surgeon inserts an ocular implant to change the color of the eye for good.

An intraocular implant can also be used for an improved ocular look with traumatic irides, heterochromia, partial coloboma, ocular albinism and to change eye color without the limits and restrictions of the contact lenses.

Today, when we are talking about cosmetic surgery, we under the impression that we live in a world where we can choose to have any wanted appearance. Well, even if we cannot do that today, we will definitely going to do it in the near future.

The cosmetic surgery of the future involves a similar to LASIK, where the pigment in the iris is burn away to turn brown eyes first to hazel, than to blue and in the end to violet. It has one major disadvantage: it is only possible to change dark eye color to a lighter one and the destroyed pigment cannot be recovered.

Let’s face it; these cosmetic changes do involve certain risks. Yes, it is possible for the iris color to be changed with the use of pigmented lenses, but we don’t know anything yet about its possible long term side effects. Taking in consideration chronic inflammation and cataract development, it is preferable to use color contact lenses instead of these potentially hazardous procedures.

The color of your change can be changed is a much safer and healthier way, with the help of your brain. Using conscious breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, you can get rid of up to 70% of toxins from your body. Get as much sunlight and fresh air as you can, eat many vegetables, drink purified water, let your skin breathe by wearing fewer clothes, bounce on a trampoline (you can even imitate the movement if you gently bounce on the ground) and you will soon see changes in the color of your eyes.

These methods have been successfully tested by people who wanted to change the color of their eyes for one reason or for the other. Please feel free to try out any of the methods that you might consider suitable for you.

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